Increasing airflow through your current filter assembly is as easy as replacing your top plate with one of these K&N X-Stream airflow top plates. The K&N top plates allow air to enter smoothly through the top, which helps draw more air from the sides. That means you get more airflow headed down the carburetor or throttle body and into the combustion chamber. So, if you want more airflow, then you should grab up one of these K&N X-Stream airflow top plates.

Air Cleaner Top Design:X-Stream airflow

Air Cleaner Top Material:Steel

Air Cleaner Top Finish:Chrome

Air Cleaner Shape:Round

Air Cleaner Size:14 in. diameter

Wing Nut Included:No

Quantity:Sold individually.

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K&N X-Stream Airflow Top Plates 66-1401XP

  • Brand: K&N
  • Product Number: 66-1401xp
  • $74.95