These Quick Fuel SS-Series carburetors are designed to offer the power of a race carburetor in a streetable package that weighs 5 lbs. less than other carburetors. Manufactured completely from aluminum, they allow you to change the idle feed and offer power valve channel restrictions and idle and high-speed air bleeds for the ultimate in tunability. The solid-state, electric-choke Quick Fuel SS-Series carburetors have billet throttle bodies, billet metering blocks, 4-corner idle systems, secondary jet extensions, and notched secondary floats. The vacuum secondary carburetors feature fuel bowls with a single-sight glass window, while the mechanical secondary carburetors have dual-inlet, dual-sight glass 4500-style fuel bowls and include additional links to tune the secondary opening rate. Quick Fuel has done it--they've created all-aluminum Super Street carburetors that are perfect for your high performance street machine.



New or Remanufactured:New

Number of Barrels:4

Carburetor Flange:Square bore


Secondary Type:Mechanical

Fuel Inlet:Dual

Carburetor Finish:Tumble polished

Ford Kickdown:No

Booster Type:Down-leg

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Quick Fuel SS-Series Carburetors SS-750

  • $622.95